The Cinevillage World Area, in collaboration with the Nepal Motion and Motion Picture Production, intends to participate in the realization not only of a Studio District but of a Smart City at high altitude, surrounded by greeneryand dedicated to Cinema.
The project and the study foresee the future developments of the intervention and the expansion of the activities as well as the environmental impact, the economic feasibility, the social acceptance and the geological suitability of the places.
The project of the Smart City dedicated to the cinema will have to tend to PROLOGUE WORLD S K Y C INEVI LL AGE A SMART CITY OF CINEMA IN LAMJUNG cancel the environmental impact by carefully managing energy, consumption of renewable resources, recycling and treatment of waste and sewage avoiding any dispersion in the environment. In this sense, the World Area Cinevillage will be able to make available the technical and professional know-how of scientific bodies, associations and companies related to the PROGETTO WORLD to obtain the maximum sustainability of the project. In the following pages it is possible to understand the structure of the companies and associations that make up the PROGETTO WORLD.

The Cinema District, in its final development, will be part of the international circuit to ensure a good market share, and will be able to offer, in addition to trained and competitive staff from the economic point of view, a range of services for pre-production, production and post-production, such as:

3dProduction service
Accommodation, Hotel
Accommodation, Services
Aerial Filming
Air Charter Services
Animation Production Companie
Associations & Organisations
Audience Research & Supply
Beauty Salons/Massage Therapists
Broadcast & Satellite Services
Broadcast Equipment, Hire & Sale
Camera Equipment, Hire & Sale
Car & Coach Hire
Casting Services
Chauffeur Service
Computer Services
Consrtruction Companies
Consrtruction Supplies
Consrtruction, Scenery
Courier & Freight Services
Creative Services
Creche & Childcare
Crewing Services
Drivers, Unit

Dry Cleaning & Laundry
Event Management
Film Commissions & Liaison Ofices
Film Laboratories
Film Schools & Training Courses
Film Stock
Financial Services
Fire Safety Services
Grip Equipment, Hire & Sale
Hair & Make Up
Health & Safety Services
Health & Safety Training
Leisure & Entertainment
Lighting Equipment. Hire & Sale
Location Contacts & Information Service
Location Facilities
Location Facilities, Security
Locations Sporting Venues
Marketing Services
Medical Support Services
Modelmakers & Creative Effects
Motion Capture
Motion ·Control
Multimedia Production
Music Libraries
Offke Supplies
Personal Trainers
Phones, Mobile & Walkie Talkies
Photocopier Hire

Photographers & Photographic Services
Post Production
Post Production, Audio
Post Production, Editing Equipment Hire
Product Placement
Production Companies
Production Design
Production Services, Audio
Production Services, Video
Promotional Merchandise
Props, Action Vehicles
Props, Firearms & Weaponry
Props, General
R’gging & Scaffolding Equipment
Signs & Graphics
Software Services
Sound Equlpment, Hire & Sale
Special Effects, Atmospherics & Pyrotecnics
Special Effects, Make-Up & Prosthetics
Specialist Services
Stock Shots Libraries & Research
Stunt Coordinators & Performers
Taxi Services
Television, Satellite & Cable Broadcasters
Travel Agents & Services
Underwater & Marine, Services
Visual Effects
Waste Management

Commercial Village . It will develop immediately after the monumental and distinctive entrance portal to the complex of the new city of Cinema. The core of the village will be a pedestrian walkway that it will distribute to all functions: commercial premises, marketing stores, meeting rooms, cafes, mini markets, banks and post offices, children’s houses, canteens, restaurants, pubs, laundries, health clinics, police.

The same avenue will lead to the entrance of the Amusement Park and the Studio District.
In addition to the pedestrian paths, all the Districts will be served by roads suitable for the public or service. Some districts may also be served by Shuttles, Trenini or monorails, with electric, solar or compressed air for internal movements.

Amusement Park . The amusement park for children (and adults) will become the other supporting element of the new city of Cinema, making the area more attractive by promoting tourism. The park can contain artificial waterfalls, attractions and games of different nature, and suitable for various ages, with scenographic reconstructions of the fantastic environments linked to the theme that will be chosen during the execution phase. There will also be several pools for both outdoor recreation or locks facing the Himalayan chains and for organized shows. The Park will also contain two soundstages dedicated to the simulation of scenographic actions with stuntemen and entertainment spectacle of the public and an interactive museum of Cinema, of the music and local arts show. The Park, once the offer of the attractions and the size of the twin structures in the world, appropriately advertised and connected to the airports, is reached, will guarantee the tourist flow and a consequent economic income.

Receptive Tourist District . The district will be used for tourist reception and / or receptivity for high-level guests and will include
hotels, spas and parking lots;

Education District. the Campus dedicated to the Arts connected to the Cinema will form all the artistic and technical skills necessary for the sector at a high level. Directors, Scriptwriters, Actors, Musicians, Sculptors, Painters, Decorators, Sound Engineers, Lighting Technicians, Electricians, Machine Operators, Photographers, Acrobats, Dancers, Editors etc.

Sports district. In addition to a wide range of external fields,

Golf courses.

Residential Districts. Housing for workers and students,

Service district. a center for energy production etc. The inspection will allow us to determine the methods or technologies with which to produce electricity

To conclude, the various structures and the various districts will be able to respond positively to the requests coming from the market: for feature films, for indie films, for TV drama and light entertainment, for commercials, for video games, for business, for events, for photo shoots, for music videos, for locations, for suppliers, for tourist, for student etc.